List of Samsung Phones with WiFi 6 or 6e

WiFi 6 is a new generation of wireless technology launched as a successor to WiFi 5 (802.11ac) in 2019 and it’s technically represented by 802.11ax. In this write-up are Samsung phones with wifi 6 and what you need to know about the technology.

Yes, it is better than WiFi 5 but how? Well, one of those places is the peak throughput speed. The maximum speed on WiFi 5 is 3.5 Gbps while that of WiFi 6 is 9.6 Gbps. It also makes sure that all devices connected to it are talking to each other and are better managed.

WiFi 6 allows multiple concurrent downlink and uplink transmissions which are only available for downlink transmissions on WiFi 5. It is better at organizing data between devices and consumes less battery than previous generations.

The 6th generation of WiFi is exactly what you need for your smart home technologies such as streaming services for efficient transmissions. Oh, yes! It is backward compatible.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, S22 Plus, Z Fold 4, Z Fold 3 5G, and S22 Ultra are currently the only Samsung phone that supports Wi-Fi 6e.

Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus were the first set of Samsung phones to support Wi-Fi 6.

Samsung Phones with WiFi 6 / 6e

  • Samsung Z Flip 4 – WiFi 6
  • Samsung Z Fold 4 – WiFi 6e
  • Samsung S22 – WiFi 6
  • Samsung S22 Plus and S22 Ultra -WiFi 6e
  • Samsung A73 5G – WiFi 6
  • Samsung S10, S10 Plus, S10 5G, and S10e – WiFi 6
  • Samsung Z Fold 3 5G – WiFi 6e
  • Samsung Z Flip 3 5G – WiFi 6
  • Samsung S21 Ultra – WiFi 6e
  • Samsung S20, S20 FE, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra – WiFi 6
  • Samsung S21, S21 FE, and S21 Plus – WiFi 6
  • Samsung Note 10 and Note 10 Plus – WiFi 6
  • Samsung Note 20 and Note Ultra – WiFi 6
  • Samsung A52s 5G – WiFi 6
  • Samsung Z Fold 2 5G – WiFi 6
  • Samsung Z Flip 5G – WiFi 6
  • Samsung Fold 5G – WiFi 6
  • Samsung Fold – WiFi 6

Final Thought

Samsung phones with WiFi 6 and WiFi 6e mean a better experience on the internet which includes but is not limited to faster upload and download, you can now easily stream 4K videos without any hiccups and a better gaming experience.

This 6th generation of Wi-Fi has lower latency, it is faster and there is less interference. The 6e is even better in the above areas than the 6 and previous generations.

As you must have noticed, most of the phones on the list are flagships except for the A52s 5G which is one of their upper mid-range phones launched in late 2021, and the A73 5G which is Samsung’s most premium A series phone.

I am expecting to see more mid-range smartphones from Samsung and other manufacturers with Wi-Fi 6 and 6e in 2023.