Samsung Phones with ToF Sensor

Inside this write-up are Samsung phones with ToF sensor. The Time of Flight (ToF) sensor measures the distance of the sensor to an object using light’s flight time which is the time it takes for the light emitted to reach an object and be reflected back to the sensor.

It has a wide range of applications in logistics, construction, and of course smartphone technology.

ToF can be used for 3D sensing because of its ability to capture in X, Y, and Z directions. This can be useful in security and in automation; be it logistics or robotics. A ToF camera consists of a Lens, illumination board or light source, and a sensor.

Time of Flight camera is one of the key components of self-driving cars. Because of its own infrared illumination light, it can work during the day and at night as well as in dark environments.

It can capture both the depth and intensity of all the pixels in an image. I can’t also ignore its ability to accurately capture all this information about fast-moving objects because of its high frame rates.

ToF applications in phones include Augmented Reality (AR) and taking a better portrait pictures or 3D photography.

Samsung Phones with ToF Sensor

  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

Does S20 and Note 20 Ultra have ToF sensor?

No. S20 and Note 20 Ultra do not have a time-of-light camera. The only S series phones with ToF are the S20 Plus, S10 5G, and S20 Ultra. Similarly, the only galaxy phone on the Note series with ToF is the Note 10 Plus (both the 5G and 4G) versions.

Does Samsung have a LiDAR sensor?

No. There is currently no Samsung phone with a LiDAR sensor. LiDAR and ToF have virtually similar applications. So, if you are looking for galaxy phones with LiDAR, you can choose from the above list of those with ToF.

Final Thought

The latest Samsung flagships didn’t come with a ToF sensor because they have been able to use or get better at using other lenses to achieve most of the features that they needed the sensor for. You also won’t find it on old Samsung phones that have 2 cameras at the back.

An improved ToF camera might be integrated in the future as many tech companies prepare for the mainstream introduction of the metaverse. That’s all on Samsung phones with ToF sensor.

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