List of Samsung Phones with Quad Camera

You can find Samsung phones with quad camera at every price range from entry-level to mid-range and flagships. However, just because a phone has 4 cameras, doesn’t mean it is or will be good for photography.

You can’t compare 4 cameras on a mid-range phone to 4 cameras on a flagship phone. Pictures and videos will come out better on the flagships. Why? Because the flagships are equipped with better lenses, more features, and generally more capabilities.

Most Samsung flagship phones come with OIS, EIS, and super steady video mode; all of which are forms of stabilization for images and videos. Check my write-up about the Samsung phones that come with video stabilization to learn more.

However, it is always great to have a quad-camera phone. Manufacturers can assign specific tasks to each sensor; something it is very good at and will be hard to beat.

Samsung Phones with Quad Camera

  • Samsung A23 and A23 5G
  • Samsung A13
  • Samsung A33 5G
  • Samsung A53 5G
  • Samsung A73 5G
  • Samsung S22 Ultra
  • Samsung A12
  • Samsung A21s
  • Samsung A32 and A32 5G
  • Samsung Note 10 Plus
  • Samsung Note 20 Ultra
  • Samsung S10 5G
  • Samsung S20 Plus and S20 Ultra
  • Samsung S21 Ultra
  • Samsung A51
  • Samsung A52
  • Samsung A71
  • Samsung A72
  • Samsung A22
  • Samsung A42 5G
  • Samsung A52 5G and A52s 5G

Final Thought

As you can see from the information provided above, you will find a Samsung phone with quad camera for you irrespective of the price range.

Samsung Galaxy A13, A23, A23 5G, A12, A22, and A21s are great entry-level phones, and they are equipped with 4-cameras.

Similarly, Samsung A33 5G, A53 5G, A73 5G, A52, A52 5G, A52s 5G, and A72 are upper mid-rangers that also have quad cameras. The likes of A32, A32 5G, and A42 5G are lower mid-rangers with the same numbers of camera sensors.

And of course, the flagships such as the Note 20 Ultra, S20 Plus, S21 Ultra, and S22 Ultra are also equipped with quad cameras.

As I said earlier, the number of cameras on a phone isn’t a determinant of how great it is for photography. An excellent camera phone is a combination of great software and hardware. There are old Samsung flagship phones with dual camera that will blow many phones listed above out of the water when it comes to photography.