Samsung Phones with QHD Display

QHD or Quad HD or Quad High Definition or 1440P display is one of the best screen resolutions on any smartphone today and in this write-up are Samsung phones with QHD display. One of the few things that determine the quality of a smartphone display is its screen resolution. Specifically, the vertical resolution.

Samsung Phones with QHD Display

Galaxy PhonesScreen SizeQHD Resolution (pixels)
Samsung Z Fold 47.6-inches (unfolded)1812 x 2176
Samsung S22 Ultra6.8-inches1440 x 3088
Samsung Z Fold 3 5G7.6-inches (unfolded)1768 x 2208
Samsung Note 96.4-inches1440 x 2960
Samsung Note 10 Plus6.8-inches1440 x 3040
Samsung S95.8-inches1440 x 2960
Samsung Note 20 Ultra6.9-inches1440 x 3088
Samsung S9 Plus6.2-inches1440 x 2960
Samsung S10 5G6.7-inches1440 x 3040
Samsung S10 Plus6.4-inches1440 x 3040
Samsung S106.1-inches1440 x 3040
Samsung S206.2-inches1440 x 3200
Samsung S20 Plus6.7-inches1440 x 3200
Samsung S20 Ultra6.9-inches1440 x 3200
Samsung S21 Ultra6.8-inches1440 x 3200
Samsung Z Fold 2 5G7.6-inches (unfolded)1768 x 2208
Samsung Fold 5G7.3-inches (unfolded)1536 x 2152
Samsung Fold7.3-inches (unfolded)1536 x 2152

QHD Screen Resolution Explained

Screen resolution is the number of pixels per square inch in the width X height of a device display. Pixel per square inch or pixel density is calculated using the screen size and screen resolution. You should check my previous write-up that focuses on Samsung phones with high pixel density.

Displays with high resolution and small screen size will always have high pixel density which in turn means a high display quality. If a display has a low screen resolution and a big display, the lines, and text won’t be that clear and the picture won’t be that sharp, all of which points to low quality.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and Note 20 Ultra are the Samsung phones with the largest screen size at 6.9-inches. They both come with QHD resolution and the display is of high quality.

This means those with smaller screen sizes will even have a more sharp, clear, and more colorful display.

QHD means Quad High Definition. It means it is 4X the definition of HD (High Definition aka 720p). WQHD is Wide QHD which simply means QHD on a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Final Thought

As you must have noticed, S22, S22 Plus, S21, and S21 Plus are not among them. Well, that’s because they both come with a 1080 x 2400 pixels resolution.

While the Quad HD display on the S21 Ultra is noticeably better than the display on the aforementioned duo, it is not that easy to differentiate from that of the S20 series because it is very close.

It is worth saying that 1080 x 2400 pixels or Full HD or FHD resolution is still a high screen resolution especially the ones on the S21, S21 Plus, S22, and S22 Plus.

Most of these Samsung phone displays is being protected by Corning Gorilla Glass which is the toughest in the industry.

But if what you are looking for exactly, is a Samsung phone with QHD resolution, then you should pick from the ones in the table above.

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