List of all Samsung Phones with High RAM (8GB and Above)

The RAM (Random Access Memory) is an essential component of your Samsung Galaxy Phones. Any app you open is duplicated onto your RAM and your smartphone’s CPU access and runs it from there.

What this means is that a faster and high RAM plays a vital role in how great your Samsung phone performs when it comes to opening apps, the number of apps you can run at a time and multi-task between them, and also how fast information (data) is transferred between different components of your smartphone chipset.

While there are numerous Samsung phones out there, only a handful of them qualifies to be on this list because any phone with RAM less than 8GB isn’t a high RAM phone.

Also, some of the phones on the list have other RAM options other than the ones I listed with them but I neglected them if they are less than 8GB.

Samsung Phones with High RAM

  • Samsung Z Fold 4: 12GB
  • Samsung Z Flip 4: 8GB
  • Samsung A23 5G: 8GB
  • Samsung A73 5G: 8GB
  • Samsung A53 5G: 8GB
  • Samsung A33 5G: 8GB
  • Samsung A23: 8GB
  • Samsung S22 Ultra: 8GB and 12GB
  • Samsung S22 Plus: 8GB
  • Samsung S22: 8GB
  • Samsung S21 FE 5G: 8GB
  • Samsung Z Fold 3 5G: 12GB
  • Samsung Z Flip 3 5G: 8GB
  • Samsung A22 5G: 8GB
  • Samsung S21 Ultra: 12GB and 16GB
  • Samsung S21 Plus: 8GB
  • Samsung S21: 8GB
  • Samsung A52s 5G: 8GB
  • Samsung A52: 8GB
  • Samsung A52 5G: 8GB
  • Samsung A72: 8GB
  • Samsung A32: 8GB
  • Samsung A32 5G: 8GB
  • Samsung A42 5G: 8GB
  • Samsung S20 FE: 8GB
  • Samsung Z Fold 2 5G: 12GB
  • Samsung Note 20 Ultra: 8GB and 12GB
  • Samsung Note 20: 8GB
  • Samsung Z Flip 5G: 8GB
  • Samsung A71 5G: 8GB
  • Samsung A51 5G: 8GB
  • Samsung A31: 8GB
  • Samsung A41: 8GB
  • Samsung S20: 8GB
  • Samsung S20 Plus: 8GB and 12GB
  • Samsung S20 Ultra: 12GB and 16GB
  • Samsung Z Flip: 8GB
  • Samsung Note 10 Lite: 8GB
  • Samsung S10 Lite: 8GB
  • Samsung A71: 8GB
  • Samsung A51: 8GB
  • Samsung A70s: 8GB
  • Samsung Fold 5G: 12GB
  • Samsung Fold: 12GB
  • Samsung Note 10 Plus: 12GB
  • Samsung Note 10: 12GB
  • Samsung S10: 8GB
  • Samsung S10 Plus: 8GB and 12GB
  • Samsung S10e: 8GB
  • Samsung A80: 8GB
  • Samsung A70: 8GB
  • Samsung A8s: 8GB
  • Samsung A9 (2018): 8GB
  • Samsung Note 9: 8GB

Final Thought on Samsung Phones with High RAM

Remember that this list is about Samsung phones with high RAM and isn’t necessarily what bare minimum a phone must have to function properly. Most average phone users will do okay with 6GB RAM.

However, I will prefer that you go with a Samsung Galaxy device with at least 6GB RAM and nothing less if you plan to use the device for a couple of years, even if you are an average user which means you hardly or don’t game on your phone and doesn’t do anything like video editing.

Also, just because a smartphone has an 8GB RAM variant doesn’t make it a good value. You also need to look at the processing power, display, etc. For example, the Samsung A23 5G, A23, A22 5G, A33 5G, and their predecessors with 8GB RAM aren’t phones I will go for, you are better off with at most the 6GB RAM option.

The Samsung phones with the Highest RAM are the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra both of which have a 16GB RAM variant.

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