Samsung Phones with Fingerprint Sensor (Side Mounted, Back, On-Screen)

Most Samsung phones with fingerprint sensor today come with one of the three major implementations or positioning which include rear-mounted, side-mounted, and On-Screen (optical or ultrasonic) sensors.

Their first implementation of biometric fingerprint though was on a Samsung phone with a home button, and it also functions as other things. It was later moved to the back and now is being mounted on the side (mostly right hand) and also under the screen.

The latest Samsung flagships use the ultrasonic on-screen sensor while their upper mid-range A series uses the optical in-display fingerprint.

Their lower mid-range A series and most M series devices use the side-mounted scanner which also doubles as the power button. The highest-end among the 2022 A-series is the Samsung Galaxy A73 5G and I recently published a write-up about what it comes with.

Their low-end devices have the scanner at the back or don’t have it at all, such as in the case of Galaxy A02 and M02.

In the context of fingerprint, it is worth mentioning that on-screen / under-display / in-display can be used interchangeably.

On-screen fingerprints can either be optical or ultrasonic. While the ultrasonic sensor uses sound waves to collect your biometric data, the optical sensor uses illuminated light to do the same thing.

In my experience, ultrasonic is faster and more accurate than optical. This is why most flagships with in-display fingerprint use ultrasonic and optical is been used on mid-range or budgeted phones.

You might also be interested in the list of iPhones with Touch ID which is the same thing and works in a similar way as a fingerprint sensor.

The working principle is the same as all security measures of the past. Which is to collect data, store the data, and unlock your device, it will compare the new data you are presenting with the one it has in its database and your phone unlocks if it matches or won’t if it doesn’t.

Samsung Phones with Fingerprint Sensor

1.)Samsung A04sSide Mounted
2.)Samsung Z Flip 4Side Mounted
3.)Samsung Z Fold 4Side Mounted
4.)Samsung A23 5GSide Mounted
5.)Samsung A13Side Mounted
6.)Samsung A23Side Mounted
7.)Samsung A33 5GSide Mounted
8.)Samsung A53 5GSide Mounted
9.)Samsung A73 5GSide Mounted
10.)Samsung S22On-Screen; Ultrasonic
11.)Samsung S22 PlusOn-Screen; Ultrasonic
12.)Samsung S22 UltraOn-Screen; Ultrasonic
13.)Samsung S21 FEOn-Screen; Optical
14.)Samsung Z Fold 3 5GSide Mounted
15.)Samsung Z Flip 3 5GSide Mounted
16.)Samsung A12Side Mounted
17.)Samsung M12Side Mounted
18.)Samsung M62Side Mounted
19.)Samsung S21On-Screen; Ultrasonic
20.)Samsung S21 PlusOn-Screen; Ultrasonic
21.)Samsung S21 UltraOn-Screen; Ultrasonic
22.)Samsung A22 and A22 5GSide Mounted
23.)Samsung A32 5GSide Mounted
24.)Samsung M32, M32 5GSide Mounted
25.)Samsung M31sSide Mounted
26.)Samsung M51Side Mounted
27.)Samsung S10eSide Mounted
28.)Samsung A21sRear Mounted
29.)Samsung M31Rear Mounted
30.)Samsung Note 9Rear Mounted
31.)Samsung S9, S9 PlusRear Mounted
32.)Samsung A32On-Screen; Optical
33.)Samsung A42 5GOn-Screen; Optical
34.)Samsung A51, A51 5GOn-Screen; Optical
35.)Samsung A52, A52 5G, A52s 5GOn-Screen; Optical
36.)Samsung A71, A71 5GOn-Screen; Optical
37.)Samsung A72, A72 5GOn-Screen; Optical
38.)Samsung Note 10, Note 10 5GOn-Screen; Ultrasonic
39.)Samsung Note 10 Plus and 5GOn-Screen; Ultrasonic
40.)Samsung Note 10 LiteOn-Screen; Optical
41.)Samsung Note 20, Note 20 5GOn-Screen; Ultrasonic
42.)Samsung Note 20 Ultra and 5GOn-Screen; Ultrasonic
43.)Samsung S10, S10 5G, S10 PlusOn-Screen; Ultrasonic
44.)Samsung S10 LiteOn-Screen; Optical
45.)Samsung S20, S20 5GOn-Screen; Ultrasonic
46.)Samsung S20 Plus, S20 Plus 5GOn-Screen; Ultrasonic
47.)Samsung S20 Ultra, S20 Ultra 5GOn-Screen; Ultrasonic
48.)Samsung S20 FE, S20 FE 5GOn-Screen; Optical
49.)Samsung Z Flip 5GSide Mounted
50.)Samsung Z FlipSide Mounted
51.)Samsung Z Fold 2 5GSide Mounted
52.)Samsung Fold 5GSide Mounted
53.)Samsung FoldSide Mounted

Samsung Phones with Side-Mounted Fingerprint

  • Samsung Z Flip 4
  • Samsung Z Fold 4
  • Samsung A23 5G
  • Samsung A13
  • Samsung A23
  • Samsung A13 5G
  • Samsung A12
  • Samsung A22, A22 5G
  • Samsung A32 5G
  • Samsung M12
  • Samsung M31s
  • Samsung M32, M32 5G
  • Samsung M51
  • Samsung M62
  • Samsung S10e
  • Samsung M52 5G
  • Samsung Z Fold 3 5G
  • Samsung Z Flip 3 5G
  • Samsung Z Flip
  • Samsung Z Flip 5G
  • Samsung Z Fold 2 5G
  • Samsung Fold 5G
  • Samsung Fold

Samsung Phones That Has Fingerprint At the Back / Rear

  • Samsung A21s
  • Samsung M31
  • Samsung Note 9
  • Samsung S9, S9 Plus

Samsung Phones with On-Screen Fingerprint Sensor

  • Samsung S22; Ultrasonic
  • Samsung S22 Plus; Ultrasonic
  • Samsung S22 Ultra; Ultrasonic
  • Samsung A73 5G; Optical
  • Samsung A53 5G; Optical
  • Samsung A33 5G; Optical
  • Samsung S21 FE; Optical
  • Samsung A32; Optical
  • Samsung A42 5G; Optical
  • Samsung A51, A51 5G; Optical
  • Samsung A52, A52s 5G, A52 5G; Optical
  • Samsung A71, A71 5G; Optical
  • Samsung A72, A72 5G; Optical
  • Samsung Note 10, Note 10 5G; Ultrasonic
  • Samsung Note 10 Plus, Note 10 Plus 5G; Ultrasonic
  • Samsung Note 10 Lite; Optical
  • Samsung Note 20, Note 20 5G; Ultrasonic
  • Samsung Note 20 Ultra, Note 20 Ultra 5G; Ultrasonic
  • Samsung S10, S10 5G; Ultrasonic
  • Samsung S10 Plus; Ultrasonic
  • Samsung S10 Lite; Optical
  • Samsung S20, S20 5G; Ultrasonic
  • Samsung S20 Plus, S20 Plus 5G; Ultrasonic
  • Samsung S20 Ultra, S20 Ultra 5G; Ultrasonic
  • Samsung S20 FE, S20 FE 5G; Optical
  • Samsung S21; Ultrasonic
  • Samsung S21 Plus; Ultrasonic
  • Samsung S21 Ultra; Ultrasonic

Is there Fingerprint on Samsung A02, A02s, M02 and M02s

No. The Galaxy A02, A02s, M02, and M02s do not come with a fingerprint sensor. You will have to manage the traditional password and pattern.

Final Thought

A biometric fingerprint makes it easier to unlock your smartphone without having to enter your password or draw a pattern every time.

You can also use it to lock specific apps on your smartphone. Meaning, that even if you unlock your device for someone else, they won’t have access to those apps.

The sensors on the latest Samsung phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra are faster and more accurate and I am not talking about the on-screen sensors but also the side-mounted ones.

As you must have noticed, Samsung is gradually moving away from both rear and side-mounted fingerprint scanners to the in-display sensors.

In about a year or 2, you can expect almost (about 90%) of all their phones that have biometric fingerprints will have the under-display implementation.

But while the flagships will continue to feature the ultrasonic, the mid-range and entry-level will feature the optical. There you have it on Samsung phones with fingerprint sensor list.

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