List of Samsung Phones with Big Battery Capacity

What is the use of a smartphone if it can’t last at least a full day of usage on a single charge? Well, that’s a question that you will never have to ask yourself if you go for any of the Samsung phones with a big battery that will be discussed in this write-up.

Samsung Phones with Big Battery

PhonesBattery CapacityCharging
Samsung A04 and A04s5000 mAh15 Watts
Samsung A23 and A23 5G5000 mAh25 Watts
Samsung S22 Ultra5000 mAh45 Watts
Samsung A135000 mAh25 Watts
Samsung A13 5G5000 mAh15 Watts
Samsung A33 5G5000 mAh25 Watts
Samsung A53 5G5000 mAh25 Watts
Samsung A73 5G5000 mAh25 Watts
Samsung A22 and A22 5G5000 mAh15 Watts
Samsung A725000 mAh25 Watts
Samsung A32 and A23 5G5000 mAh15 Watts
Samsung S21 Ultra5000 mAh25 Watts
Samsung S20 Ultra5000 mAh45 Watts
Samsung M326000 mAh25 Watts
Samsung M125000 mAh15 Watts
Samsung M627000 mAh25 Watts
Samsung M517000 mAh25 Watts
Samsung M31s6000 mAh25 Watts
Samsung M316000 mAh15 Watts
Samsung M02 and M02s5000 mAh15 Watts
Samsung A02 and A02s5000 mAh15 Watts
Samsung A125000 mAh15 Watts
Samsung A21s5000 mAh15 Watts
Samsung A42 5G5000 mAh15 Watts

What Should Be Consider a Big Battery?

In numerous developing countries with little to no electricity per day, one of the factors to consider before buying a smartphone is the battery capacity which most of the time will determine how long it can last on average or on heavy usage.

Even in developed nations, where we can be sure of constant electricity, we still want a smartphone that can last all day without having to charge it in the middle of the day.

Though battery capacity is not the only thing you should look at, you should also check the processing power as well as the charging technology it supports.

It doesn’t matter how big a smartphone battery is, if the processor overheats at any opportunity that it gets, the user experience will be bad, and you don’t want that.

The story is still the same if a smartphone with a large battery capacity takes like 3 hours to be fully charged from 0%; that is not a great user experience.

There are now phones with large battery and charges from 0% to 100% in less than an hour.

Though, Samsung is not quite there yet as most of their devices still only support 15 watts – 25 Watts charging but it is a good thing they charge in less than 3 hours which is still good in my book. Check my write-up about Samsung phones with fast charging to learn more.

The Samsung M series is what I call the battery line because of the large battery that comes with them.

But the A series launched in 2021 and 2022 are packed with a big battery and closing in fast on the M Series. You can’t ignore the charging technology that comes with the flagship line.

In my book, anything less than a 5000 mAh battery shouldn’t be considered a large battery.

Final Thought

No matter how feature-rich a smartphone is be it Android or iPhone, if it is not packed with a long-lasting battery, those features won’t mean much to the end-users in the long run when they have to charge 2 to 3 times a day.

Sure, the battery isn’t the topmost priority. The likes of good display, processor, and camera are.

Depending on how much you are willing to spend, the quality of those trio features will differ but never compromise on great battery life because of any of them. It should be a complete package.

I hope at least one of the above Samsung phones with big battery meets your needs.