Samsung Phones with Always On Display

Samsung phones with Always on Display allow you to check time, date, notifications, etc. even when your display is off. You can only find this display feature on Samsung phones with an AMOLED panel.

Over the years, there have been several ways you can turn it On and Off. If you are currently using any of their latest phones, go to Settings >> Lock Screen >> Always on Display and select the option that suits you.

Samsung Phones with Always On Display

  • Samsung Z Fold 4
  • Samsung Z Flip 4
  • Samsung A33 5G
  • Samsung A53 5G
  • Samsung A73 5G
  • Samsung A72
  • Samsung A71
  • Samsung A51
  • Samsung A52
  • Samsung A52 5G
  • Samsung A52s 5G
  • Samsung A42 5G
  • Samsung A32
  • Samsung A22
  • Samsung S22
  • Samsung S22 Plus
  • Samsung S22 Ultra
  • Samsung Z Fold 3 5G
  • Samsung Z Flip 3 5G
  • Samsung S21
  • Samsung S21 Plus
  • Samsung S21 Ultra
  • Samsung S21 FE
  • Samsung S20
  • Samsung S20 Plus
  • Samsung S20 Ultra
  • Samsung S20 FE
  • Samsung Z Flip – (Not on Cover Screen)
  • Samsung Z Flip 5G – (Not on Cover Screen)
  • Samsung Z Fold 2 5G
  • Samsung Fold
  • Samsung Fold 5G
  • Samsung S10
  • Samsung S10 5G
  • Samsung S10e
  • Samsung S10 Plus
  • Samsung S10 Lite
  • Samsung S9
  • Samsung S9 Plus
  • Samsung Note 20
  • Samsung Note 20 Ultra
  • Samsung Note 10
  • Samsung Note 10 Plus
  • Samsung Note 10 Lite
  • Samsung Note 9

Final Thought

It doesn’t matter if the phone is an entry-level, mid-range, or flagship. So far it features an AMOLED screen, Samsung will integrate the always-on display feature into it.

One of the most asked questions about this feature is if it consumes a battery. Well, the answer is Yes and No.

Yes, it is using a bit more battery than when it is turned Off. And No, because you won’t notice a significant battery drain as a result of turning On this feature. More like 5% max increase in battery usage.

That’s all on Samsung phones with Always on Display feature and I hope you find it informative.

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