Does Samsung Galaxy S23 Series Have S Pen?

Samsung Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus neither support Stylus Pen nor does it come with it. However, the Samsung S23 Ultra does support S Pen and also comes with one which is built-in to the phone.

The S23 Ultra has an in-built S-Pen that can be accessed from the bottom-left side of the device. You can use the S Pen for a variety of things as it comes with a lot of features integrated into it.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra with an S Pen

Remove the S Pen from its slot to use it and put it back when you are done. You do not need to charge it separately as It charges while inside the slot.

Samsung S23 Ultra’s Stylus Pen has the same color as the phone. Unlike before when it is black regardless of the phone’s color.

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