Does Samsung Galaxy S23 Series Have a Cinematic Mode?

No, Samsung S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra does not have Cinematic Mode. This is a feature on new iPhones. However, I have noticed that when people asked this question, they are talking about Portrait Video Mode.

The thing is that if we are being honest, Cinematic Mode on the iPhones is still ahead of Portrait Video Mode (at least at the moment) even on the S23 series.

Samsung S23 Ultra, S23, and S23 Plus Portrait Video Mode Settings

Portrait Video Mode is just you shooting video where the background is blurred and what the phone thinks is the foreground is brought into focus allowing you to shoot a more sharp and more quality video.

The thing is that Cinematic Mode is more than that in the sense that it gives you more control about which subjects should be in focus or not and even the ones that are not in focus won’t completely be blurred out but will just be thrown into soft focus. This allows you to shoot better and more quality videos.

The conclusion is that the Samsung S23 series have something similar to the Cinematic Mode but not at the same level as of yet and it is worth noting that the gap has closed a lot since the last time. Maybe in the next couple of years or so, they will be on par.

To shoot portrait video on Samsung S23, open the camera app and swipe from right or left until you find portrait video or just tap on more to see all the available modes and you can immediately start using it.

It is worth mentioning that Samsung has some great camera features or modes such as the Pro Video and Director’s View Mode. You get more access and control of the camera and will be able to shoot interesting videos with them.

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