Does Samsung Galaxy A73 5G, A53 5G, and A33 5G Have NFC?

Yes, Samsung A53 5G, A73 5G, and A33 5G support Near Field Communication (NFC).

Your smartphone supporting NFC can mean many things as this feature has many applications but the most used among them is payment at least at this time.

Digital or contactless payment systems such as Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Apple Pay all require your device to support NFC for them to work.

Samsung A53 5G, A33 5G, and A73 5G with NFC

The two devices have to be in very close range for this work. It was made this way to avoid interruptions from other nearby devices as well as for security purposes.

Apart from payment systems, NFC can be used to transfer and receive different types of data files between two devices. You can also use NFC to read or access information embedded in a QR code. With time, its application could be endless.

In order to be able to use Google and Samsung Pay on your Samsung A33 5G, A53 5G, and A73 5G, you have to first set it up and you can do that by opening the Samsung Wallet app and adding your preferred card.

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