Does Samsung Galaxy A24 Have SD Card, Dual Sim Card, and eSIM?

Samsung A24 4G has a dedicated SD card slot and has Single and Dual Nano sim card variants. However, the device does not support eSim.

The Galaxy A24 has a memory card space that supports up to 1TB SD card to expand the 128GB internal storage the device has.

Samsung A24 Support Dual Sim and SD Card
Image Credit: gsmarena

As for eSim, this is one of those features that is still available only on their flagship or expensive devices.

Hopefully, like the under-display fingerprint, IP ratings, and high refresh rate that used to be flagship-only features that have now made their way to the mid-range device, eSim will do the same in the coming years.

In the meantime, you will have to manage the Nano sim card the device has.