Does Samsung Galaxy A24 Have a Fingerprint Sensor?

Yes, Samsung Galaxy A24 4G has a fingerprint sensor. It is equipped with a side-mounted fingerprint reader that also doubles as the power button.

Thanks to One UI, you can easily customize how the fingerprint sensor and the home button work without conflicting with each other.

Samsung A24’s side-mounted fingerprint sensor is an easy and secure way to unlock your device and can also be used to keep some Apps on your device secure and private.

It is fast, easy to access, and reliable. The sensor is on the right-hand side of the device just below the Volume button.

Samsung Galaxy A24 fingerprint sensor and its registration
image credit: gsmarena

You will be prompted to register a fingerprint the first time you turned On your device but if you missed or skipped the process then, you can always do that anytime you want by following the steps below.

Open the Settings App -> Security and Privacy -> Biometrics -> Fingerprints -> Enter your Password or Draw your Pattern.

You can then follow the on-screen guide to complete the process. It is worth stating that you can add more Fingers and customize them to your preference.

Talking of biometrics, the Samsung A24 also supports Face Unlock, and the Setup process is quite similar to that of the fingerprint sensor already explained above.