Phones Questions is a website that provides you with the list of smartphones that have specific features in common. This will drastically cut down the time you will spent on researching them on your own and go to the next stage of decision making.

I decided to start this website when I was searching for a new smartphone to buy. I typed in my questions in to various search engines, only for me to get results that doesn’t really answer my questions.

I immediately realized that I can’t possibly be the only person getting disappointed with those kinds of results. So, I decided to create a resource website for exactly that.

The website will pick one brand of smartphone at a time for now and hopefully further down the line, I will get to a point where I will start doing a roundup of all phones (not limited to a particular brand) with a particular feature in common.

Note that, this isn’t supposed to be your final step before you go for a particular phone, as you will still need to read in-depth about each of them which will enables you know which one really has the best execution of that feature before making your decision.

I just want to narrow down your list of smartphones that offer what you are really looking for. I hope this website will serve you well. Thank you for visiting.